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Get free medical transportation to your next doctor's appointment

Although not known by many Medicaid and Medicare recipients, there are Federal Regulations that require Medicaid programs to cover the costs of transportation for qualifying Medicaid recipients, to and from most appointments to doctors, clinics, pharmacies, etc.


Are you currently receiving Medicaid or Medicare benefits?  

If you are enrolled in a Fidelis Care plan, then you may be eligible to receive personalized door to door Medical Transportation from your home to your appointments   FREE OF CHARGE to you!! You can contact us and we'll gladly help you through the quick process of setting you up. Simply give us a call at 212-304-0707 or just Contact Us and we'll do the rest!

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Taking care of all your non-emergency medical transportation needs.

We Specialize in Non Emergency Medical Transportation. We proudly provide transportation of all non emergency nature: 
 Do you have Medicaid? The you may qualify for free Medical Transportation  
 Ride in the confort of the best cab service provider  in New York.      
 Being late and waiting long hours for pick up is a thing of the past.. 
 Scheduled and last minute medical appointments.Transportation may be covered under most Medicaid plans. 

 Be part of the increasing number of people who are enjoying FREE Medical Transportation with GALLANT LUXURY SERVICE as their preferred Transportation Provider. Just ask your doctor about free medical transportation, but remember, you MUST request GALLANT if you'd like to join the growing number of people selecting GALLANT LUXURY SERVICE as their preferred Transportation Provider.

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Find Out About Free Medical Transportation
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We're always looking to expand our pool of talent. We want passionate, dedicated, affable drivers who love working with our clients to make their journey an enjoyable experience.

For your expertise, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation: We're amongst the top paying bases of the City.
  • Generous perks & very low commission fees.
  • The prestige of working at one of the metro and suburban areas fastest-growing Transportation Providers.
  • Tutelage from experienced Chauffeurs.

One of New York City's fastest growing bases, Gallant Luxury Service Corp. is also affiliated to the Limosys network of 70+ bases. We'll make sure that you stay busy during the day and during the night. We urge you to come check us out – you'll be surprised by how un-like other Bases we really are.

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